Vol. 19, Broj 1, December 2023.



Ilić Igor, Durlević Slavka i Stojanović Toplica
University of Priština - Kosovska Mitrovica, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Serbia
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, Novi Sad, Serbia

Original scientific article


         A player's ability to execute powerful and accurate shots is crucial for success in handball. The role of adhesives has received less scientific scrutiny in regard to its influence on shot speed. This research investigates the influence of adhesive choice on maximum shot speed in handball, focusing on two prominent resin products: Trimona Classic and Select Profcare. Employing a comprehensive analysis of four distinct shot techniques made both from the standing and running start positions, the research goal was to determine whether different resin types significantly contribute to handball players' shot speed. Contrary to initial expectations, the results revealed no statistically significant differences in shot speed between the two tested resin types. Possible explanations include the limited variability in resin compositions between Trimona and Select, the overriding influence of individual player morphological characteristics and skill levels, as well as the potential of handball players to adapt to different resin types. However, certain limitations, such as the narrow focus on two specific resin types and the small subject sample which consisted of only male players warrant caution when making conclusions. This study creates the foundation for future research with the goal of exploring the influence of different adhesive types in regard to playing position, sex, age category and morphological characteristics.

Key words: handball, adhesives, throwing speed, performance optimisation

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Received: 3.10.2023.
Approved: 27.11.2023.

assistant professor dr Ilić Igor
Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
University of Priština in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia