Almost two minutes subway stop, Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday, looking at the watch to calculate the time, she lived in the east, to the ground first and then take the subway iron, has yet to peak, but has a lot of office workers in subway, this time just is early autumn, the weather has been somewhat cool, Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags looking at the rapid flow passing advertisements mood has flown three months ago. While Seth China for a year's reception, she was the first time into the President's office, this office arranged very neatly, she noticed a small family portrait on the desk corner, although not on the conspicuous place, but that delicate frame and a four smile to impress her. Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap take a phone call, he put down the handset, gently down her eyes flash, then smiled:. "This is my family" Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday hastened also smiled, two people often meet at the door, president of Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday crisp sweet smiles and greetings are long-familiar one is the company's largest executive, one is in addition to cleaning the aunt lowest level reception, Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale do not know why he told her to come in, just twenty minutes ago she has packed his things ready to leave, Louis Vuitton Outlet Christmas Sale into the company, aiming at her, and she hurriedly put down the box, greeted him, the thought that this is the last meet, think ...... "You resign up? "Louis Vuitton Outlet looked at her, looked at the girl had not the opportunity, the company Azeri personally called her Annie, back off the face and called small reception, either saw her pick up things, and asked the Ministry of Personnel, really did not think she would resignation: "You are the youngest one in the foreground, right?" Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale nodded:?. "I hope to have a career development opportunity". "I'm twenty-five, nominal age twenty-six" "Why do you want to leave," "want What? "" I want to sell. "

Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday help but looked at her, I thought she wanted to work as the executive or secretary, did not think she actually wanted to jump Sales: "? Find the right place," "is a small company," Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday saw one, has understood what he meant, explains: "Seth is one of the best foreign companies to China, I did the front desk for a year, learned a lot of things, but I can not always be a reception, although that company is small, but I can accumulated sales experience, leaving Seth and I am sorry, after all, there are a lot of things I have not learned. "Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale bit surprised that this small reception usually picked up the phone to orderly, I did not expect such a good eloquence, he smiled: "Tell me what you learned at the front desk?" "Seth company a total of five departments, the rest is not China, Beijing sixteen individual sales, marketing ten people, eight Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Personnel nine people technical Department forty people, Institute thirty-two personal, logistics six individuals, personnel, finance, logistics is the management company for other staff services, technology, and researcher is to support the company's sales and marketing, the marketing department is spend money for the company's products and brands, so figure it out, the company is making money by selling department, that is, sixteen individuals to bear all economic companies, I think they're great. "Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday made me Yaran, through a single contact reception, this girl will figure out these problems, appears to be a conscientious, he maintained a relaxed and wide smile, Louis Vuitton Outlet Christmas Sale asked: "? you want to do sales SHINES" Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday nodded: "I'm looking for Director of Sales Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap, but I did work experience, it is difficult, I thought ...... "She looked Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale, spring-like smile on his face with her encouragement, her teeth, said:" I went to other companies, So I gained work experience and then return to Seth. "

Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale smile deeper, like an elder care juniors camel and said: "Where have all the same work experience, why go back to Seth?" "Because only in Seth, be possible to sell a few million or even thousand dollar product, "Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday said:." I have to do the best foreign companies in this industry, the best sales person "really think ah, Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale myself, from flying with g Group skip SHINES three years , is actually a small reception to let him have a "very interesting" feeling, recalling this year, the girl every time I see him, is polite, rarely seen in her eyes the other foreground or CEOs see when female employees, shines appearance, saying the eyes are the windows of the soul, the girl's eyes both smart and wave their perseverance, even, it seems that there was a reasonable manner dignity, people at the time had to close she remained polite. I do not know if she could create a miracle, since Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday twenty years ago from Taiwan to China, engaged in the management of the IT industry, he saw a lot of legends, there are ups and downs, there are floating Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags, even his own also became the president of the world's largest companies in Greater China, If we had to stay in Taiwan, he may never such an opportunity. Twenty years ago the continent, there is no decent people, or that people at that time, there are no international standards. Seth is now China, all the important positions held by his cronies, from three years ago, is about to begin airborne Seth, he took a lot of years with a step by step Taiwanese Association brought into Seth China, which is his management company way, of course, he also confessed director who promoted from within the company's outstanding staff, the passage of time, it is not twenty years ago, and the growth of many overseas talent returning continent, and have quite a lot of local talent, this small reception it , Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday decided to give her a chance, this is not what Nannvzhiqing, but engaged in years of management work, let him who has a unique perspective, he believed the girl in the future under the same conditions than people more achievements high.

Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday suddenly felt his heart beat rapidly up, although some premonition, but she did not think the president will personally retain her, and expressed her support and appreciation, president and secretary to do, although doing all chores, but she understood Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale talking with their own way to learn, she will be able to learn the position at the front desk not go to school stuff, but as long as there is president of recommendation, she will enter the sales department, everyone knows, is the sales director of Taiwan's most iron cronies Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday . "Turn to do sales, does have some impossible," Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale said: "I'm still missing a secretary, you have no interest in this job in your own way to learn some things, and so have the opportunity, I recommend you go to the sales department to learn. "" Thank you for the total process, "Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday stabilize the mind, by the end of the tone:."! I would surely dry "Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday appreciate nodded again, this girl is very sense of proportion, she did occupy him a lot of time on the job, and who he was talking about ten minutes, are very valuable. Time in the past will no longer have the resources to be used in the most effective place. He politely smiled: "I believe in your ability!" "Louis Vuitton Outlet Christmas Sale station to the" loudspeaker voice interrupted Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale memories, she hurried out of the car, and ran toward the line 13, already half past seven! six points, do not know can not be rushed to the press conference scene, the way in eight total Why did you leave? Why did not at any point prior signs with the message? If he is gone, she can go to the sales department do? Numerous question marks in her mind spinning, she wished he could step flew to the scene, even in the face of media say Mandarin, she should hear one.

And finally to the ground, Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday could not understand why the Beijing government to stand up to give the subway called: on earth, God is able to dominate in our fate? At this point it is rush hour, a taxi stand crowded the road, she had to grab a car, when she noticed a car parked on the roadside, it seems that in the access, she quickly ran past towards the car politely laughed: "?? where do you access it," the driver glanced at her sweet smiling face, can not set any nodded. "I'm going to Jinpeng building, I do not know and you do not give a lift along, can you take me a while?" The driver looked at her somewhat embarrassed, then, behind came a cold voice:. "Please let let" She turned her head a young man standing suit side door, he put the computer bag, impatient and arrogant face. Consequently, Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday had to step aside to open, but also to keep a smile on his face, the man got on ramp at her coldly: "? Go Jinpeng" Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday quickly nodded, the man said:. "On the train it." Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale got in the car, his mouth kept authentic: "Thank you!" Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags ignored her, moved towards a position where, Louis Vuitton Outlet Christmas Sale sitting on the right, one can not help looking at the man, is white and clean-cut man, Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale most do not like the arrogance of the man, but for a ride, just too lazy to care for him. Men seem very tired, simply ignore Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday, the way his head thrown back, eyes closed. The car stopped at an intersection, a boy selling newspapers channeling up along several cars selling newspaper, the child will age fourteen years old, dressed in a worn T-shirt. Louis Vuitton Outlet Christmas Sale roll down the window, handed out a dollar, teenagers will be looking to five cents and progressive newspaper, Louis Vuitton Outlet Christmas Sale smiled, shaking the window, it does not feel right pinch newspaper, this newspaper is very light weight, she turned the turn, laughed, gave her only half of the original copies. Sitting in front of the driver already see the clues, could not resist: "This kid here often sell copies of the newspaper are all half." Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale newspaper handed the driver: "You turned free play." Drivers to over: "Do not you see?" "I do not see," Louis Vuitton Outlet sighed: "it is not very easy, very young age out selling newspapers."

Hearing this, Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags next to the slightly opened his eyes, Miaole Miao Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday, soon closed again. Car turned the corner and along the wide avenue north and opened the very road, came downstairs Jinpeng, Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale hurriedly underground car, said the sound Louis Vuitton Outlet, ran into the hall waiting for her to hurry, ask to address a press conference, sit elevator upstairs, went to the 30th floor of the grand ballroom, is already half past eight the. 30 floor conference room door open, Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday familiar voice from inside: "China's fashion industry will have a huge space for development, the development of the prospect of a country with 1.4 billion population, the fashion industry is very impressive, although I have been in IT management, but the fashion industry has been very carefully, my wife and daughter are all fashion lovers, Paris fashion fashion Group is one of the largest industrial groups in France, I am engaged in the management of the Greater China region, is interested in the work together, people feel very excited! "Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale went down the back door, sitting in the corner, the house lights shining, Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday wearing a suit, sitting on the stage, his voice, did not see any from country to hard feelings. "Cheng total, you have been engaged in the management of the IT industry," a reporter asked: "Your work experience to help you now?" Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday chuckled: "I have experienced at least three aspects, the one I organized experience, good organization and management of the company, the bigger and stronger, Seth obvious development in recent years, and secondly, I have experience in the promotion, three well I have experience of the future strategic layout, the experience from flying even g and Seth, they are good company ...... "Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale talking, the audience can not help but be infected reporter up his enthusiasm and charm, it was a piece of applause sounded from time to time. Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale front of himself caught in a celebration mood, could not help shaking his head: they want to be wrong? Or things like that? No, no, she denied feeling here, things definitely not so simple on the surface. Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap before she remembered the words of his father confessed: what should be in line with human nature, if after this line, you have to be careful.

So leave it to highlight, itself a departure from the company's common sense, then, a reporter asked: "? When did you decide to leave the game thinking, how so suddenly." "I was a month ago, decided to leave." Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday looked under the bleachers of marketing and public relations men, laughing:. "the company's colleagues know of late, many people inside heard the rumors yesterday, thanks to their secret work will do well," a month before, Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale head like running fast motor started running like a month ago, nothing special happened Yeah, marketing and public relations may also be the weekend before receiving the command, or so much of the message, can not be monolithic, what the wind do not blow it. Louis Vuitton Outlet Christmas Sale phone feel a shock, she opened it, is Rebecca: you at the scene? Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags back one: in. Rebecca Q: marketing and public relations are in there? Louis Vuitton Outlet back one: yes. She nodded toward Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday, Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale did not dare to speak, along with the company's people go downstairs, marketing and public relations people also attend to control her, walked beside the elevator when a reporter also interviewed Louis Vuitton Outlet Store, he motioned the two departments who go first, and answer a few, Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap been standing next to a reporter asked after the meeting room and turned toward the direction of walking, Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags looked around, only two people she and Louis Vuitton Outlet Store . "Cheng total," Louis Vuitton Outlet Store said:. "You really gotta go." Outburst she regret it, this is not nonsense it? Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday nodded, rubbing with the index finger under the eyebrows, this action is very familiar Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap, whenever there is a lot of tedious affairs let Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday Sale impatient, he will be so, but even so, his face also maintained a spirit of smiles this is the result of careful observation Louis Vuitton Sale Black Friday. She felt that this man is now carrying a heavy burden, or in this position, the burden is always so heavy? "Cheng total," Louis Vuitton Outlet Christmas Sale refused, and so returned to the company do not know how many things to deal with, Louis Vuitton Outlet said: "You go, I'll go to the sales department do?" Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale looked at her and smiles : "I find the opportunity to arrange it."

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