Along a deserted alley, in the dim lights, mcm backpack come so far, he does not know why they want to come here, he wants to go, with both feet movement dispersed sad heart. He would also like a lot, think and Shen ice acquaintance, association, or even always wanted to go, cranky until they were married life together. Anyway, Shen Bing's sudden departure, to mind cause great harm, that so long since he did not dare to fall in love, it is being hurt afraid. Shen ice again, let Dangqi ripples quiet life, perhaps for a long time thereafter, mcm outlet will not forget today's meeting. So he aimlessly, I do not know a few streets turn, drill a few alley, finally, he got lost. mcm looked around, here is the strange and unfamiliar streets buildings, most buildings have lights out. mcm catch a glimpse of a supermarket across the street did not close the door, then turned the fence to catch the past. "Welcome!" A young woman standing in the checkout clerk to greet mcm backpack, female salesperson's face hung two large bags, but still Jiangdajingshen for service. "Where is the wine?" mcm backpack for sale originally came here to ask for directions, but a bent tongue, actually involuntarily wrong thing. People are often so sad despair, hope their nerve paralysis by alcohol, forget the pain, mcm backpack cheap also made the mistake, not knowing heavy drinker worry even more unhappy. "Woods, find a wine with this gentleman." Female salesperson shouted from behind the shelf stood a big man stumbled, he rubbed his eyes, apparently secretly sleeping. Such a nightclub in the north that the big cities, there are many, under normal circumstances, as long as no customers, middle of the night, the boss is to allow employees to secretly sleeping, eye, close one eye, people-oriented thing.

mcm backpack under the leadership of the woods, came to be placed next to the liquor shelves, his eyes immediately bottle of Red Star Erguotou 52 degrees attracted. "Come with me." "How much?" Woods see mcm backpack staring Erguotou, busy looked at the price tag below, just to answer, mcm backpack for sale stretched forth his hand down, but picked up two cans placed under Erguotou snow beer. "Checkout!" mcm outlet courage to pick a bottle of liquor, because he did not have the strength. mcm backpack numerous liquor, which is across the company are aware of. "How to do it?" mcm backpack replica head a little dizzy, walking in the street feel weightless. He jolt beer, there is a most. "Simply lamb, waste time, throw it!" His first liquor, actually it helpless feeling wasted wine is a sin. mcm backpack cheap think to myself, just go to a corner, where the street is broken, dark, drink some vertigo cheap mcm backpack suddenly began to arise to harm, severely drank the rest of the beer, forced to throw the cans together with leftover wine into the unknown darkness. "Go to hell!" Since elementary school, mcm backpack for sale ten years did not do bad things, and walking in the street even hesitant to throw a piece of trash, and now occasionally breaking the moral line of defense, he suddenly felt a lot of heart Lishu Tan , just to be turned away, I heard a scream came from the dark:! "Oh -" "finished" mcm heart sank, if unlucky people, drink water fortress teeth, this is not an unexpected . If the change for other people, late at night accidentally hit someone else, will Jiaodimayou disappear, but mcm backpack but not because his parents taught from childhood that read so many books of Confucius and Mencius, though never most have forgotten, but still understand the basic spirit of righteousness to. "Where is who?" mcm backpack cheap bite the bullet and shouted, feeling calf lose control trembling in his hand by the press, but shaking got worse.

Saw the girl, mcm outlet froze for a moment, my mind immediately flashed "retribution" word, because he saw a piece of white dresses, ankle foot slip and fall fairy paradise. "Who is?" mcm backpack asked the voice, weakly. "Oh ......" cry of pain came from the darkness, and then the sound is getting closer, let a man get out of a beautiful girl heartbeat, but our hands over the head a little beauty, Ziyaliezui painful. "You ......" cheap mcm backpack surprised that this girl is the day in front of the elevators to call him smelly rogue guy. "Stinking rogue?" I never thought a girl recognized the mcm backpack cheap, her almond eyes wide open, take a look at one exudes the alcohol mcm backpack, but look at his beer in his hand, and immediately understand who marked her. "You hit me?" Slip angel angry, however, goes as far as beer cans thrown back, mcm still did not see it, I felt a pain in his forehead, swollen once a big package, there simply are not many wine beer otherwise, the non-playing him this look beaten. "Stinking rogue, I told you no injustice Wu Chou, why ruin my tolerance?" The girl's nose pointing mcm backpack for sale cursed. "Disfigured?" mcm backpack shocked, busy girl rubbed his eyes to look at the past, the girl put hands off clutching his forehead, above and she broke a small hole, there is a trace of blood flow. "Hiss -" mcm gasped involuntarily step backwards. Your sins can be big, really want to pursue it, I'm afraid of losing money can trouble. "How do you say?" The girl asked angrily. "I'm sorry ......" mcm backpack replica Trembling said. "Do you mean to say that I invite you to dinner?" mcm tentatively asked. "How do you not happy?" The girl's face soon sink down, unhappy stamped her foot, "the lady told you to invite you to dinner, but to the foot of the face, do not forget, I'm by your wounded. "" happy, of course, be happy! "mcm backpack cheap immediately put on a smile, a joke, but a desire to please his beautiful dinner cheap mcm backpack has always been. "Please eat what next wish for beautiful things." He's an exaggeration to make a big grin on his face, but also put a groveling look, full of an I phase.

Girl stare at her, blame him now remembered to send themselves to the hospital, so her voice more cold, and could not help but hear mcm backpack for sale shivering. "Apologize useful, but also the police doing!" The girl glared at him. "Uh ......" mcm backpack speechless, Xiangponaodai not know how to do, it touches on people not to panic a little girl. "Name, address, work units, ID number, telephone number ......" The girl asked them mechanically, but rather in the routine. "Ah?" mcm outlet silly, first thought to think is in front of the angels do not blackmail yourself, rather lawsuit, nor trampled. mcm backpack cheap is clear, in this era of crooks everywhere, any stranger can not easily believe that, especially at night, especially in the other side is a beautiful girl. "I am, I think, or send you to the hospital right." mcm daringly said. By now, cheap mcm backpack also had to answer truthfully, and he wanted to compile a set of false rhetoric, but tell your whole pocket outburst put out. "mcm backpack, who lives ......" The girl pulled out a pen and paper and hey presto, meticulously recorded, finally, he shook cheap mcm backpack for sale details written book, angrily said: "I tell you, the next street to walk pay attention to the point, are not allowed to throw things, if next time let me catch, must ask you to squat behind bars! you go! "," so let me go? Do not go to the hospital? "mcm backpack cheap heart delighted , this way may save a sum of money, but also less of a big trouble. "Humph!" The girl looked at her with disgust, "You better pray that will keep me safe and sound, if I would have happened, my family is definitely not forgive you!"

She shook demonstrations manner small book, turned around, clutching his forehead and left. "Hey ......" mcm backpack girls looked lopsided in the back could not help but proud of them, "really good luck tonight." But then I thought of the girl finally put down the hard words, and my heart a little bit worried, read three times, "Buddha", bless old girl living in peace. There is no doubt that, as a result of mcm backpack for sale walk the whole night, the next day, he asked for leave. Thus may furious Chen Jing, had she also intends to continue to repair mcm backpack, but no matter how the phone threats, intimidation, mcm outlet like an indomitable revolutionary martyrs like not budge, he is too sleepy, must find a place to sleep in on a perception that this is not really stay up late life of an ordinary person can carry. He lay down to go to this, a full twelve hours sleep, wake up until the time it was dark, just as he was going to find something to sacrifice your own gastronomy when the phone ringing suddenly rang, picked up a see, is a strange number. "Hello? Who?" "Stinking rogue!" Shouts crisp let hunger mcm backpack cheap suddenly disappeared without a trace, a unique call to hear the sound of him, his head suddenly big. "You are ......" "I'm the hospital, forgot my wallet, give money to come soon!" "Hospital? Who are you ......" mcm backpack drowsily asked, my mind quickly recalled by his broken head girl pain Ziyaliezui look. "Enough talk, you know who I am! Limiting you half an hour to catch up, or I want you to steal sheep!" Then the other person hangs up the phone. "?????? Hey Hey is that you do what you want me to go to the hospital Hey Hey ......" mcm backpack cheap puzzled, hesitated phone call is not necessary to go back to the other side of the text comes:

By now, it had no choice but to catch the Air Force General Hospital. "My darling ......" mcm backpack cheap gasped, "even sit for the bucket which way I want it!" "That will not be a guy that the Air Force right?" mcm backpack gloomily thought, think quirky girl look, I do not know this to yourself is not never return. mcm reluctantly towards the door of the Air Force General Hospital, a door, they saw an angel on earth stumble down standing anxiously looked downstairs and saw mcm backpack for sale, busy three-step and two steps ran. "How did you come?" The girl complained that up, "I waited for you for an hour!" "Transit traffic jam." mcm backpack Chouchou bandage on her head, involuntarily grasp the hands of the bag. "You would not take a taxi?" The girl snappily white at him, "Money brings you?" mcm outlet wake up, looked warily around, rush to open the bag. "Are all here, and a total of sixty thousand." "Sixty thousand?" The girl's eyes got big, incredible to say, "You will not put all their belongings are moved, right?" "Ah!" cheap mcm backpack forced nodded, saw serious look on his face, the girl could not help but laugh. "You can be really fun haha ...... ...... ...... ha ha" "how?" mcm backpack cheap loving mind, and carefully pull the bag. He is attracted to like neurotic girl laughing, laughing enough, the girl was Laxialianlai solemnly asked: "Do you think I'm here to tell you to pay for the damages it?" mcm nodded. "Humph! Not so easy!" The girl exposing dense white teeth, directed mcm backpack replica bite, mischievous look really handsome endure forever, but look in the eyes, but I feel very headache mcm backpack for sale. "You want to court? Would not it? I just do not care just break your head." mcm backpack wronged cry out quickly, regretted drinking, littering thing more regretted. "I can taste it so beautiful?" The girl hum together.

mcm backpack cheap girls do not know what the thinking, it'd just keep saying, "First, you put me wounded, medical expenses should be borne by you. Secondly, just that I'm not afraid to pay the doctor ran to my ID button in the inside, it makes me very angry, I want you to help me put the ID card to come back, I do not want to see the old woman with a look of bitter melon. Finally, and most importantly, Hey, do you have in listening to? "" What do you want? I'm already brought the money. "mcm backpack somewhat annoyed. "Very good, but I want you to help advance medical expenses only." Girl pointed against drug cloth bandages, "plus injections, medication, and today spent a total of 117." "only 117?" mcm some out almost expected. "Yes, if I forgot the wallet, it will not put you got it." "I see." mcm outlet long relief, thought of his edgy take out the life savings, I feel it is a bit funny. His generosity withdrawn from the purse of two new one hundred yuan and handed the girl, then slightly humbly heap girl said:! "? Now I can go right," "no," I did not expect the girl refused crisp him. "Why?" mcm backpack some fear, little thought involuntarily rapid rotation up: "Does she want to make the money first idea I fool a remote place, and then I robbed ......?" See mcm backpack cheap bow meditation, girl in his lap kick. "Ouch!" mcm backpack for sale pain exclaimed, "you ......" "I? Me how?" One girl looked up, put on a domineering posture, "Give me a lever children, I will be able to beat you into a pig! "" What? "mcm outlet puzzled blinked in front of that one where he seems to have heard. "Humph!" The girl snorted again just said that the reason to say it again, and finally, she shyly looked cheap mcm backpack, with piteously tone, said:. "Finally, and most importantly, I'm hungry." "hungry?" mcm backpack does not understand the situation. "Ah." The girl's eyes look more pathetic, feeble nod, it looks as if there has not eaten for several days. Girls read, frowned in disgust.

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